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Symposium of Artists and Scholars 2020

Category Archives: Curriculum & Instruction

Monica Bell M.A.T. ’20, Tunes for Transitions

Colleen Bowen, M.A.T. ’20, Primary Source Selfies of Napoleon: Thinking like a Historian in High School

Samantha Dickerson M.A.T. ’20, Let’s Talk About Tech, Baby!

Leah Dorman M.A.T. ’20, In Math, We Don’t Play Round, But Could We?

Rebekah Griffith M.A.T. ’20, Assessing Assessments: Let’s Collaborate

Katie Horne M.A.T. ’20, Through the Looking Glass: Reflecting on Reflection

Alyssa Horton M.A.T. ’20, Decisions, Decisions: Do Students Choose What to Read Based on Their Race and Gender?

Jessica McIntosh M.A.T. ’20, Teaching today’s kids to solve tomorrow’s problems: How project-based learning supports multi-step thinking skills

Melissa Pasierb ’20, Khan Academy or TED-Ed? Which videos are the most beneficial to students?

Joshua Propst M.A.T. ’20, Duo You Lingo? A Study of Duolingo and Participation