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Symposium of Artists and Scholars 2020

Category Archives: Seniors

Matthew LaPorte ’20, Sustainability in the USVI: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Utilizing Liquefied Propane Gas

Matthew LaPorte ’20, The System Safety Engineering Internship Experience: An Overview of Dahlgren and the AEGIS Combat System

Riley Lorson ’21 and Madeline Owens ’20, The Randolph Thrive program: a campus nature program to promote students wellness and mental health

Robert Miller ’20, The Design and Construction of a Combat Robot

Madeline Owens ’20, Couplehood in Public Spaces

Thinh Pham ’20, Medical Physics: Summer Internship at Riverside Cancer Center

Thinh Pham ’20, Senior Honors Research: Performance of Multileaf Collimators on Elekta Synergy Linear Accelerator

Sara Primm ’20, The Lost Colony of Roanoke: History and Memory

Jude Quintero ’20, Adaptive System Control Using Model Estimation and Model Predictive Control

Jude Quintero ’20, Relay Autotuning of an HVAC Controller