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Symposium of Artists and Scholars 2020

Category Archives: Oral Presentation

Lauren Appel ’20, Asylum Seekers in France and England: A Healthcare Policy Crisis

Monica Bell M.A.T. ’20, Tunes for Transitions

Colleen Bowen, M.A.T. ’20, Primary Source Selfies of Napoleon: Thinking like a Historian in High School

Ke’Asia Carter ’20, You Can Walk the Walk, But Can You Social the Emotional?

George Darko-Boateng ’20, The Bank: the 8-5 life in the heart of Accra, Ghana

Samantha Dickerson M.A.T. ’20, Let’s Talk About Tech, Baby!

Leah Dorman M.A.T. ’20, In Math, We Don’t Play Round, But Could We?

Paige Edwards ’21, Temporal and Spatial Variability in Benthic Microalgae in a Shallow Coastal Lagoon

Katherine Gibson ’20, Growing Up: A Decision-Making Tool for Vertical Farming (Talk)

Rebekah Griffith M.A.T. ’20, Assessing Assessments: Let’s Collaborate